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Due to the fact that a significant number of certain types of IVC (Vena Cava) filters can cause serious health risks or death, the medical product liability and consumer class action firm, McCuneWright, LLP, is investigating the dangers of these filters.

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IVC filters are placed in the inferior vena cava region, and are designed and intended to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs and heart. However, the medical community and U.S. Food and Drug Administration have stated that leaving these filters in place, long-term, may cause dangerous and potentially deadly complications.

Studies have shown that these filters can potentially break into pieces, creating a dangerous medical condition resulting in strokes, embolisms, or even death.


What should you do if you have or believe you have an IVC filter?

Given the fact that one of the major manufacturers of IVC filters, C.R. Bard, has posted a U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning to physicians and consumers regarding concerns the agency has with the use of these filters, McCuneWright believes that consumers who have received IVC filters should familiarize themselves with all the possible health consequences of leaving these filters in place.

McCuneWright is currently investigating all aspects of IVC filters by all manufacturers of these devices. McCuneWright is committed to a comprehensive investigation on behalf of IVC filter patients nationwide.

If you or someone you know has had an IVC filter implanted, whether it has been removed or is still in place, please contact our office, by completing the contact form below or, by calling 909-557-1250. We will listen to your particular medical circumstances and discuss your potential legal options.

Toll Free: 877-557-1250